Comparison of Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad Vs Microsoft Surface in brief

Comparison of Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad Vs Microsoft Surface in brief

Comparison of Google Nexus 7 Vs Apple iPad Vs Microsoft Surface in brief

The present tablet market is being dominated by Apple’s very own iPad and its other newer versions. To catch up Apple in the tablet market, Microsoft and Google has raised the bar with its own tablet versions. But the first to do it was Google’s Android tablet OS and we will be expecting a good reply from Microsoft’s Windows 8 tablet too in this year. From the past two weeks both Microsoft and Google has announced newer and special tablets and will be hoping that their tablets stand in the top with the iPad.

With the announcement of the “Surface” by Microsoft, this has put up an interesting fact as it has made its own hardware and made its hardware partners up on their toes. Microsoft is giving more importance for its tablets to penetrate the tablet market strongly enough and doesn’t want to risk for low quality hardware on their software front and in the case of the Surface it has sidelined a bit of their hardware partners, who simply involve in licensing the Windows software to the OEMs.

The hardware design of the new Surface of Microsoft is very unique and good to see it differs from other tablets and even the iPad too. A few unique things of the Surface are its Touch Cover being bundled and also very nicely designed. There are surprisingly two versions of this Microsoft’s Surface, which are the Surface RT and the other being the Surface Pro. This Surface RT is an ARM based and runs on the Windows RT and the price and a better battery is up to compete against the same and similar ARM tablets. But the rumours are, that this 32GB ARM tablet, an entry model is been priced at about $599, and it should have been a cheaper one for an entry level tablet version. The next version of the Surface is an Intel based and runs on the Windows 8 Pro and this version of Microsoft tablet competes with the ultrabooks and also higher end tablet PCs.

On the other hand Google made a tablet that not only targets to dominate Apple’s iPad versions but also trying to gun down the Amazon’s Kindle, Nook and the Kindle Fire. So Google recently announced Nexus 7 tablet which runs on Android 4.1Jelly Bean and built by ASUS. The price itself is a market winner as this Google Nexus 7 tablet is sold at a cheaper price of about $199 and not only this it stands tall with its 7” 1280 x 800 sporty display and a better bezel. So with all this advantages Google’s Nexus 7 tablet is all set to raise the flag on to the top, buy gunning down the kindle.

Finally for Apple’s iPad it was on top and had no competition what so ever and was the first buying option before the releases of the Kindle and the Kindle Fire and now the Google’s Nexus 7 tablet. The two Kindle’s provides users to create light contents and more focused on reading. We don’t have to discuss more about Apple’s iPad as it was a sensation hit and is now too. So, the question is are you going to go for the tried and tested iPad or next better option a Kindle or already used and want to try a new interesting tablet, then perhaps try Google’s Nexus 7?

If you love Windows and want to try a different and something new and being new in the tablet market then you should probably wait for Microsoft’s Surface then.


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